AppointMatch Events

Welcome to the Future of B2B Trade Events!

AppointMatch Events pair buyers and sellers in a unique and highly organized event format representing the future of B2B trade events!

Imagine a trade show without booths to set up, shipping and construction fees or unqualified buyers. Only pre-qualified buyers and suppliers attend AppointMatch events and meetings are pre-arranged so you know exactly who you’ll be meeting and when. Not only are all attendees pre-qualified but both buyers and suppliers have the option of having individual meetings scheduled and confirmed by our staff!

Two days, 600 minutes, a lifetime of new business contacts.

Although the events are short they combine first rate industry research with advanced technical and communication support for incredible ROI. Although similar to traditional hosted buyer events Appointmatch events take place over the course of two days in an incredibly focused atmosphere designed to promote highly rewarding face-to-face interaction between a large number of potential new partners.

Buyers - Discover Breakthrough Solutions and the Most Efficient Use of Your Time!

In order to compete in today's highly competitive business environment, buyers need access to the most effective, highest–value solutions for creating new relationships. At the same time you can't afford to be overrun by salespeople trying to sell you products and services you don't need.

  • The most efficient use of your time.
  • The right companies.
  • Indispensable market intelligence gathering.
  • Powerful, personal networking.

Suppliers - Guaranteed Appointments and Unlimited Networking Opportunities!

While trade shows serve their purpose, they don't filter out unqualified leads or give you the one-on-one time you need to develop truly productive business relationships. Now there's an alternative to impersonal trade shows: Appointment-based Events by Global Exchange Events.

At our events, you'll have private, pre-scheduled, one-on-one meetings with the best target prospects -- senior executives with budgets and authority, not junior level gatekeepers. In addition, you'll know in advance who you'll be meeting, so you can fully prepare. With this type of opportunity you'll have the time to uncover opportunities, overcome objections and build the relationships you're looking for.

  • Exceptional vetting.
  • Supercharged high-end lead generation.
  • High-efficiency meetings and connections.
  • Detailed customer information provided in advance.
  • Multiple informal relationship-building opportunities.
  • Limited competition.
  • Powerful market intelligence-gathering.

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