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The Travel Specialists

Unforgettable, bespoke travel experiences are the ultimate luxury -- and, to discerning travelers, the ultimate necessity!  Condé Nast Traveler's annual Travel Specialists Summit is where such once-in-a-lifetime journeys are born -- a dynamic, invitation-only forum and showcase for the best travel specialists in the industry; the most coveted destinations, resorts, hotels, and cruise lines; and the world's most revered travel magazine.  

Every year, Condé Nast Traveler Consumer News Editor Wendy Perrin handpicks an elite group of travel agents to be published in the magazine's "Top Travel Specialists" issue and to be recognized at the Travel Specialists Summit. This group is the crème de la crème of the industry, with a roster of clients -- many of them readers of the magazine -- who collectively book well over $30 million in travel annually.

Qualified Suppliers - Don't miss your chance to connect one-on-one with the agents that can grow your business and sell your products to the clients that are the hardest to reach. Apply for qualification to the 2014 Travel Specialists Summit today!


  The 2013 Travel Specialists that have been invited to attend include:

David Allardice  Eastern Journeys - Travels through China
Linda Allen  Cruises by Linda
Nancy Anderson  McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas
Federico Arduino  Aqualiving
Irene Ann Aroner  Tropical Villa Vacations
Erling Aspelund  Iceland Encounter
Meg Austin  Meg2bookLLC/ Travel Society Inc.
Tom Baker  CruiseCenter
Maita Barrenechea  Mai 10
Lia Batkin    In the Know Experiences
Anthony Bay    Anthony Bay's Europe
Jonny Bealby  Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel Ltd
Jody Bear  Bear & Bear/Tzell
Marty Behr   National Parks Revealed
Paul Bennett    Context Travel
James R.Berkeley  Destinations & Adventures
Erica Berman   Haven in Paris
Pascale Bernasse  French Wine Explorers
Victor Biswas    International Ventures and Travel Inc;
Sylvia and Ted Blishak   Train Travel Consulting at Accent on Travel USA previously)
Gail Boisclair  PerfectlyParis
Countess Simonetta Brandolini d'Adda  The Best in Italy
Astrid Breuer  Island Splendor Vacations
Cherri Briggs  Explore, Inc.
Lisa and Pat Bryne   Italy Perfect
Madelyn Bryne Williams   London Perfect
Lauren Bunton  Hosted Villas
Julie Byrd  Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations
Steven Chew  Brazillian Beach House Company
Adam Coats  Abercrombie & Kent Villas
Suzanne B. Cohen  Cohen & Associates
Nancy Craft  Esprit Travel & Tours
Chuck and Lynn Cross  Polar Cruises
Mary Crowley  Ocean Voyages
Miguel Cunat   Sri Lanka in Style
Gordon Dalgleish  Perry Golf
Tom Damon  Southwind Adventures
Jack Dancy  Trufflepig
Alexander Datsev  Exeter International
Lucy Davison  Davison Banyan Tours
Warren de Long  Blandings Ltd.
Anna Deimezi  White Key Villas
Sylvia Delvaille   Jones Villas and Apartments Abroad
Tyler Dillon   Butterfield & Robinson
Brian Dore   Conceirge in Umbria
Kate Doty  GeoEx
Sheri Doyle  Pacific Northwest Journeys
Bertie and Victoria Dyer  India Beat
Diane Embree  Michael's Travel Centre
Jana Emery
Jonathon and Preston Epstein  Celebrated Experiences
Leslie Fambrini    Personalized Travel Consultants
Sandy Ferguson  Asia Desk
Mollie Fitzgerald  Frontiers International Travel
Annie Flogaus  Just France
Martin Frankenberg  Matuete
Linda Friedman  Custom Safaris
Pierre Gedeon  Nicaragua Adventures
Dimitris Giannakopoulos    White Key Villas
Rami Girgis  Abercrombie & Kent
Michele Glass    Entree Alaska
Mindy Gleason  O.A.R.S.
Marina Gratsos  Carpe Diem Luxury Travel Ltg.
Liza Graves  BeautifulPlaces
Andrea Grisdale  IC Bellagio
Vanessa Guilbert Heitner  Limitless Argentia
Marion Harbison  Sterling Brownell Travel
Julian Harrison  Harrison Premier Tours
Maxine Harrison  Elysian Holidays
Katey Hartwell  Travel Experts
Gerald Hatherly  Abercrombie & Kent   
Ryan Hilton  Admiral Travel International
Kleon Howe  The Art of Travel
Virginia Irurita  Made for Spain
Paul Irvine  Dehouche
Jean-Michel Jefferson  Ahipara Luxury Travel
Jill Jergel  Frontiers International Travel
Jay Johnson  Coastline Travel Advisors
Will Jones  Journeys by Design
Michael Kaye  Costa Rica Expeditions
Walter L. Keats,CTC,CMP    Asia Pacific Travel, Ltd.
Susan Kelly, CTC  Travel Magic
Adamarie King  Connoisseur's Travel
Vassi Koutsaftis  Geographic Expeditions
Gwen Kozlowski  Exeter International
Maria Gabriella  Landers Concierge in Umbria, LLC
Gary Leff
Thomas Lennartz  Arctic Kingdom Polar Exepditions
Howard E. Lewis,  CTC Protravel International
Ronnie Liadis  Liadis Travel
Andrew Loyd    Loyd & Townsend-Rose, Ltd.
Terry McCabe  ALTOUR
Jane McCrum  In Any Event
Vicky McGlynn  Travelong
Mark Mead  Mead Brown
Zhang Mei    WildChina
Kay Merrill  Are We There Yet Family Adventures
Marisol Mosquera  Aracari Travel Consulting
Harmina Mulder  The Travel society
Geraldine Murtagh  Elegant Ireland
William Myatwunna  Good News Travel
Sean Nelson    Hud Hud Travels
Antonia Neubauer    Myths and Mountains
Mark William Nolting  Africa Adventure Company
Brent Olson  Geographic Expeditions
Lisa Orr  Mountain Home
Leslie Overton  Absolute Travel
Ashton Palmer  ExpeditionTrips
Leftheris Papageorgiou  Hellenic Adventures, Inc.
Anne Pawsat-Dressler  Hawaii Hideaways
Paola Perelli  Lares Uruguay
Ross Phillips  TropicSurf
Ellison Poe, CTC    Poe Travel
Bob Preston    EuroPanache
Marilyn Pulito  Villas in Paradise
Zachary Rabinor    Journey Mexico
Wanda S. Radetti  Tasteful Croatian Journeys & Tasteful Journeys
Zulya Rajabova  Silk Road Treasure Tours
Sue Ricketts  Ricketts Luxury
Stuart Rigg   Southern Crossings
Timothy Roney  LaCURE Villas
Andrea Ross  Journeys Within Tour Company
David Rubin  DavidTravel
Ellen Sack  The Barge Lady
Patrice Salezze  Papavero Villa Rentals
Daniel Saperstein  Hippo Creek Safaris
Sanjay Saxena  Destination Himalaya
Karen Fedorko  Sefer Sea Song Tours
Jack Shaw  Epic Europe
Eric Sheets  Latin Excursions
Kathleen Sheridan  Altour
Jill Siegel  South American Escapes
Matthew Simposn  Simpson Travel
Todd Smith  AdventureSmith Explorations
Linda Smith  Villas by Linda Smith
Brett Snyder    The Cranky Concierge
Mara Solomon  Homebase Abroad
Jerry Sorkin  TunisUSA
Jan Sortland  Norwegian Adventures
Parker Stanberry  Oasis Collections
Earl Starkey  Protravel International
Rudi K. Steele    Rudi Steele Travel Inc.
Christos Stergiou  TrueGreece
Susan D. Tanzman  Martin's Travel and Tours
Nuno Tavares  Tours For You
Marc Telio    Entree Canada
Greg Tepper    Tepper Exeter International
Donna Thomas  New Zealand Travel/ Aussie Travel
Trevor Thomas  Southern Crossings
David Tobin  Dream Escape
Duff Trimble  Wabi-Sabi Japan
Mary Jean Tully  The Cruise Professionals
Angela Turen  Churchill and Turen
Richard Bruce Turen  Churchill and Turen Ltd.
Lorenzo Urra    Global Nomad
Jalsa Urubshurow  Nomadic Expeditions
Mary Vaira  El Sol Villas
Adam Vaught  GeoEx
Becky Veith  Becky Veith Travel affilate of Travel Experts
Ileana von Hirsch  Five Star Greece
Lindsey Wallace  Linara Travel
Peg Walsh  St. Barth Properties
Phoebe Weinberg, CTC  Greatways Travel, Inc.
Susan Weissberg  Wylly's Professional Travel
Nina Wennersten and Dan Saperstein  Hippo Creek Safaris
Lynette Wilson  Destination World
Kimberly Wilson Wetty  Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc.
Jennifer Wilson-Buttigieg  Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc.
Caroline Bach Wood  Brownell Travel
Nicholas Wood   Political Tours
Joseph Yudin  Touring Israel
Joel A Zack    Heritage Tours Private Travel
Jim Zissler    Inside Sports & Entertainment Group

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