Suppliers - Guaranteed Appointments and Unlimited Networking Opportunities!

More Qualified Leads means shorter sales cycles and higher profits!

We know how valuable your products and services are and you know that your industry's best customers would agree - if you could only spend quality time to make your case.

But how? More and more decision-makers refuse sales calls because they're too busy. While trade shows serve their purpose, they don't filter out unqualified leads or give you the one-on-one time you need to develop truly productive business relationships. Now there's an alternative to impersonal trade shows: Hosted Buyer Events by Global Exchange Events.

At our events, you'll have private, pre-scheduled, one-on-one meetings with the best target prospects -- senior executives with budgets and authority, not junior level gatekeepers. In addition, you'll know in advance who you'll be meeting, so you can fully prepare. With this type of opportunity you'll have the time to uncover opportunities, overcome objections and build the relationships you're looking for.

At Global Exchange Events your resources are invested in closing business, not making cold calls.

The Unique Value of Global Exchange Events

  • Exceptional vetting. You'll meet superbly qualified decision-makers at every Global Exchange Event because only senior-level decision-makers and executives from your target market companies are permitted to attend. By utilizing several complementary steps and methodologies, we enforce the industry's strictest limits on attendance.
  • Supercharged high-end lead generation. You tell us which companies you most want to meet, and we'll commit to scheduling meetings with specific senior-level prospects from those organizations on your behalf. That's a promise you won't find anywhere else.
  • High-efficiency meetings and connections. Using our cutting-edge, proprietary software, we'll help you build a schedule that makes the most out of every minute you invest with us.
  • Detailed customer information provided in advance. Global Exchange's exceptionally complete profiles identify which products and services your prospects are most interested in, as well as provide powerful market information to help you refine every presentation with pinpoint relevance.
  • Multiple informal relationship-building opportunities. In addition to private meetings and pre-scheduled appointments, you'll have informal opportunities to network with prospects in a relaxed, pampered and congenial setting. There is simply no better way to move from handshake to trust.
  • Limited competition. We strictly limit the number of suppliers attending from each category and carefully optimizing the balance of buyers and suppliers to maximize your return.
  • Powerful market intelligence-gathering. In addition to meeting prospects, you'll meet high-level colleagues, consultants, and thought leaders who have been invited by the event's highly-influential Advisory Board. The meetings you select and we arrange will help you predict where your industry is headed - and provide you with ideas to improve the way you sell and market all year long.

What It Costs, What You'll Get

Your Supplier Package Includes*
  • Guaranteed pre-scheduled meetings with leading industry buyers**
  • 3 nights accommodations at the event's luxury resort location
  • Welcome and Networking Receptions
  • All scheduled meals
  • Directory of all participants
  • Tabletop placement in the Global Exchange vendor showcase
  • Exclusive Global Exchange market research reports
*Additional representative surcharge may apply
**Up to an additional 24 meetings may be purchased

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