Appointment-based event

How Suppliers Can Make the Most of Attending an Exchange Event

You’ve committed to meet with buyers during an exchange event. You’re on your way to establishing strong customer relationships, but now the real work begins: Preparation for the event. Exchange events are a cost-effective way to meet with many prospective buyers in a short amount of time. Because appointments set during exchange events are mutually agreed to by buyer and supplier, these leads should be considered “warm” before you even walk into the event.
30 March, 2021
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How Buyers Can Make the Most of Attending an Exchange Event

You’ve registered for an exchange event. Congratulations! Exchange events are an optimal way for busy professionals like you to get detailed information about the products and services your organization needs. Now it’s time to get ready to make the most of your exchange event experience. Whether you’ve attended an appointment-based event before or this will be your first time, there are several ways you can prepare to maximize your time:
26 March, 2021
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Why Attend an Exchange Event?

If you’re an industry professional with a long list of goals but not a lot of time, attending an exchange event might be for you. Exchange events, or appointment-based events, offer a cost-effective, efficient way for buyers and suppliers to meet, explore working together, and sign new business.
23 March, 2021
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