Trends in Home Design that Homeowners Want

Home design trends changed a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic. Spending time indoors and at home changed the perspective of many homeowners and home buyers, especially as the pandemic dragged out over the course of 2 years.

Functional, flexible spaces – spaces that can be used for spending time together with many members of the household – are more important than ever. Meanwhile, grays and neutrals have been replaced by bold, vibrant colors that lift the spirits and create eclectic environments. This makes spending time indoors with family easier on the eyes and easier on the spirit. 

Whether you’re a builder of custom homes or a general contractor, you’ll want to keep an eye on these trends and be prepared to talk to your clients about these trends. 

1. Open Layout and Hybrid Layout

Open layouts are almost standard in new construction homes, but rarely found in older homes. Homeowners with homes more than 30 years old now regularly seek open layout conversions during their kitchen/living room and whole house remodels.

Recently, the downsides of open layouts have become apparent. Noise issues and inability to find privacy can be a problem. To combat these problems, hybrid layouts with a little more separation between spaces and more obvious zoning has become a standard request. Homeowners still like large, open spaces, but may seek more walls to provide privacy when it’s needed. 

2. Layered Lighting

Being at home is best when the space is well-lit. Large windows overlooking open spaces and layered artificial lighting make home interiors more cheerful and attractive.

Lighting upgrades add value to the home while also improving quality of life. Expect to make lighting upgrades, window replacements and window installations that bring more natural light indoors. Homeowners remodeling their existing home will need coaching to help them design a functional, layered lighting system that works with their natural lighting to create an overall attractive home interior. 

3. Work from Home Spaces

Many people who started working from home two years ago are back in the office, but a large percentage of the population continues to work from home – and they may keep doing this for years to come.

As this arrangement becomes more permanent, homeowners continue to seek out functional and private work-from-home spaces, including backyard ADUs, over-the-garage apartments and backyard additions. General contractors can expect to work with homeowners to create work from home spaces.  

4. Bold Colors Mixed With Neutrals

Gray and white were the preferred colors in home interiors for years. Today, homeowners want to see more color in their interior spaces. Bold colors like deep blues, sage greens, pops of red and teal are making their way into home interiors. To accommodate this new interest in bolder colors, some builders and remodelers can improve their customer service by offering color consultations. 

Ultimately, COVID-19 has changed home design trends in clear ways. Builders and remodelers who gear their services toward these trends can continue to please customers. Staying connected with other builders and professionals in the industry can help. Exchange ideas and learn more at the next Global Exchange Events.