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Rising Housing Prices – What does the future hold?

The good news in early 2022 was an apparent slowdown in the runaway home sales prices that had characterized the previous year. Homes that consistently sold for over the asking price seemed to be on the market longer, and there were fewer bidding wars.
14 September, 2022
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Housing Market 2023: Predictions Focus on a Slowdown Despite Record Selling

Contractors, real estate agents, and homeowners have been hyper focused regarding what the selling market will look like within the last few months of 2022 and into 2023. Will mortgage rates be favorable for people looking to purchase a home? How much housing inventory is available to meet rising demand? What will average home prices be as we start to ease away from pandemic fears?
06 September, 2022
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Top 5 Construction Trends of 2022

If you're wondering what's going to happen in the construction industry this year, you're not alone. The sheer unpredictability of the industry as a whole invites conjecture so that contractors can more easily stay on top of what's coming down the road so that they can more successfully operate their businesses. In this post, we'll discuss the top five construction trends in 2022, giving you the low down on what to expect this year and into the future.
10 June, 2022
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Trends in Home Design that Homeowners Want

Home design trends changed a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic. Spending time indoors and at home changed the perspective of many homeowners and home buyers, especially as the pandemic dragged out over the course of 2 years.
08 March, 2022
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Material Shortages and Higher Costs Have Slowed Down New Home Sales in 2021

New home sales took an unexpected hit in the month of February in spite of increasing demand for single-family homes, dropping 18.2% from January's numbers. Nevertheless, industry experts say they aren't concerned about the housing market's long-term fundamentals and have attributed this dip in sales to short-term factors such as rising lumber costs and material shortages. In this article, we'll take a detailed look at the factors that have attributed to this recent drop in new home sales as well as discuss the housing market's outlook for 2021.
28 June, 2021
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